Welcome to Transnat International Online Services

At Transnat International we understand that access to timely information is directly linked to effective managementof your logistics operations.

You need fast and reliable information at your fingertips and Transnat International is dedicated to providing you just that!

Once you have completed the registration process and have been provided with an access code you will be able to enjoy the full

benefits of Transnat International Online Services, including:

* Tracing Live Shipments

* Retrieving Shipping Documents

* Viewing and Exporting Shipment History

* Retrieving Invoices and your Current Statement

Getting Access to Transnat International Online Services

To ensure the confidentiality and security of your information we ask that you contact your Transnat International Sales Representative or send an email

to webaccounts@transnatinternational.com so that we can contact you personally prior to gaining access to Transnat International Online Services.

Once we have set up your account you will be in full control or who will have access to your account.

Tracing Your Shipments Online

With Transnat International's new and improved online tracing tool, by logging in you can instantly get updates on your live, near future, and historical shipments.

Note:The transit times are estimated. While it is likely that your shipment will be picked up on its scheduled day and delivered within the timeframe quoted, it is not guaranteed.

Online Document Retrieval

Transnat International's new online document retrieval system will allow you to download and print your Invoices and POD's.

Online Pickup Requests

With Transnat International's new online pickup request feature, you no longer will have to pickup the phone to call into the Transnat International office. To setup your account for pickups email us at webaccounts@transnatinternational.com .